Monday, March 30, 2009

Sedona Dreaming

This is a picture of the view to the left of our "casita" at Enchantment resort in Sedona. The casitas all look the same so the one in the picture is like ours. Each one has 3 rooms which connect if you have a big group. The middle room has the biggest balcony but only a queen size bed. It is the living room and has a decent size kitchen attached. We stayed in a middle room in September and enjoyed even though one of us slept on the coach because the bed was too small for the two of us hefty critters.
Spring definitely had sprung at Enchantment which prompted the picture of the pink tree. The hill in the background is not the most spectacular view of the various parts of the canyon. Again, the room we had in September had the best views I can remember having in any of the rooms where we stayed.

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