Saturday, March 21, 2009

Good Karma

View of Boynton Canyon in Enchantment Resort
We love Sedona, allergies notwithstanding.(And they can be bad this time of year--headaches, achy eyes, runny nose, congestion at night) We always stay at the Enchantment Resort in Boynton Canyon. The drive into the canyon to get the resort is always so beautiful.  I feel like I have come home when I see the red rocks.  Both my husband and I relax so much more quickly here than other places that you wonder if the effects of vortexes are real.  Enchantment supposedly has several vortexes.  Once we climbed up the side of the canyon to get between the masculine and feminine energy sources.  Mii Amo, the spa, also is surrounded by vortexes or so they tell you at the very expensive treatments.

There are wild animals around here too, not like the opossum and the neighborhood skunk at home.  We saw a roadrunner and a  fox running across the road on our way into the canyon yesterday. Years ago one sorry bunny rabbit met its demise in the front grill of our rental car late one night coming back from town. We drive our own car now rather than fly and rent. Luckily no more road kill since that one sad encounter.

Coffee Pot Rock
We tend to have some habits about where we eat.  This morning we went to the Coffee Pot Restaurant, home of 101 omelettes.  The menu asks you to order them by number which of course we never do.  One of the 101 is made with peanut butter. Not a big omelette fan,  I got 1/2 order of french toast, an egg and a slice of bacon instead.  The Cafe is on the corner of Coffeepot Drive which leads more or less to the Coffee Pot red rock formation which looks like an old fashioned you guessed it.

Yesterday we ate twice at the Wildflower Bread Company--lunch and dinner.  I had two different types of soup and treated myself to a loaf of raisin walnut bread to bring back to the room so I could eat something in the morning when I walked to the lobby to get our complimentary coffee. This year we are very close to the lobby so the walk is very short.  One of my favorite things about the morning is the walk to the lobby to get coffee before most people are up.  I love the canyon in the crisp morning air and the light on the red rocks is awe inspiring.  Since my walk is short this year I am not getting that experience and since it is a bit chilly in the morning I am not getting the opportunity to sit on our balcony with the hot coffee looking at the rock formations.  Nonetheless it is still wonderful to be here.

One of my favorite things about Enchantment is that there is no BB or cell phone reception at the resort.  I really cannot be reached easily here and forced to get on yet another conference call or review yet another document.  I have discovered that there is wireless in this particular room so I can be on my computer and touch iPod at all hours.  Last time we were here I could only get wireless reception in the lobby and not in the room which was a ways away from the lobby.  I am not sure which situation I prefer.  Hmmm.

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