Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Smiling Sonia

"Oh what big white teeth you have, Sonia. "

"The better to chew you out my dear. "

From article yesterday (n.b. Kar is a former law clerk and the bully comment is not just limited to conservatives)

Conservatives argue Sotomayor has a "hard-left record" and believes that judges should consider experiences of women and minorities in their decision-making. They also described her as a "bully" who "abuses lawyers."
Asked about allegations that she tends to be prickly with her colleagues, Kar said, "I would say no to that. What I would say is that she has a reputation for being prickly on the bench, which is a bit different."

The Los Angeles Times also reports that Sonia is "not particularly liberal". I have mentioned this to my human rights friends who have all said "ridiculous". (From their mouths to God's ears. I hope we do not have a repeat of Earl Warren but with the opposite outcome) Although, as I have said on FB, the fact that John Yoo has already attacked her as not being intellectually rigorous (Yoo is the author of many legal analyses where he tortures the law to promote the legality of torture) makes me suddenly want to believe that she will be a great justice. I am still studying her opinions so I hope to write more soon. My exposure to her was when she was on the district court and she rendered an opinion with legally dubious reasoning which seemed calculated to have our case go to a public trial where she happily welcomed the press (including setting up an overflow room) to review our highly confidential internal financial documents on a major motion picture. She also refused to let lawyers to leave the courtroom during breaks even to use the bathroom!

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