Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bouncing Baby Boy

My grandson turned 4 this past Thursday and today he had his first official birthday party with classmates. His dad did a wonderful job of planning the party which took place in our back yard. I usually took kids out somewhere at this age like Chuck E Cheese's because I am lazy and hate to supervise a bunch of preschoolers at my house. But my son jumped in with a vengence. He ordered a bounce house which arrived and left very quietly. The bounce house had a sports theme with basketball hoops inside. My son also rigged up his speakers and programmed his computer to play music all afternoon. He set up battery operated bubble machines that blew bubbles all through the party. There was pizza, a pinata, a birthday cake, presents and party bags. All I did was attend, socialize with some of the parents and open a bottle of wine for some of the nondriving adults. My husband was the official photographer. The baby got walked around by one of my son's friends and even his two friends from forever who were defense linemen in high school (i.e. beefy boys) showed up to join in the reverie. I watched the kids in the bounce house for a while and think that bouncing must produce the same neurochemicals as meditation because they looked like they were in a zone.

All in all a good party and a good day.

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