Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sleeping on the Rails

Although I hate to admit, I have something in common with Martha Stewart. We found a B & B in Capitola (near where our daughter lives) that we and Martha just love.  It is called the Inn at Depot Hill and is built on the remains of the train depot for Capitola.

The website for the Inn says:

Inn at Depot Hill was home to the Southern Pacific Railroad Depot built in 1901 and has been a legend in Capitola history for generations. After a historical transformation in 1990, the inn offers 12 guest rooms and suites uniquely designed to recreate the refined luxury of the bygone era of train travel. Each guest room and suite is reminiscent of European destinations rich in train travel history such as St. Tropez, Paris, and Portofino. 

We have stayed there now two times--one this past Memorial Day Weekend and the second this past weekend in August.  And this time we saw a small train go by at breakfast one day, even though the rails are so rusted that we doubted any trains still ran on them.

Here are some pictures of the front of the building:

We stayed the first time in the Capitola Beach Suite which has a King size bed and a lovely built in window bench.  This time the only room available was the Library Suite which has a double bed and a twin bed.  Not ideal for us since we typically sleep in the same bed but since one of us is double size and one of us is twin size, we made due.

The Library Suite has a split level design with three levels- the bedroom with the double bed and desk at the bottom level, a library with two chairs at mid level overhanging the bedroom and an alcove with a twin bed at the upper level. Having two chairs that faced the front window was very nice; the Capitola Suite only had one chair which became a source of contention.

Here are pictures of the interior of the Library Suite:

<-----the bedroom from the stairs next to the library

        the library

<------my alcove with the twin bed.

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