Sunday, August 1, 2010

I'll Be Back

My hair is returning in an interesting salt and pepper shade.  It is still very very short but "punk chic" looking as one of my colleagues said.

My elbow is still injured--the result of repetitive movement and muscles weakened by chemo.  I am doing physical therapy and wearing a wrist brace.  I have been avoiding this blog because of the pain from typing.

I have been back to work for six weeks which I just realized means that I can start doing some ab exercises since my last surgery was also over 6 weeks ago.   I promise myself to exercise every day but I don't.  Mostly I sleep on the weekends.  That too will stop at some point.

Work has been interesting and challenging.  I am working on learning more about our business again and continuing to hone my skills and knowledge in the internet space.  I am also being brought into new areas which require me to stop coasting and start paddling.  After many years of indifference, I find myself excited about some aspects of work again.  I am building something, I believe, and that is exciting. (Sorry about the mixed metaphor!)

I have been reading a lot and want to return to the blogging I did before I became ill but I have been hesitant to type for long.  So I wanted to assure all you readers (all three of you!) that I will be back soon to  more frequent blogging and the subject will not be cancer or chemo.  I may still talk about grappling with one's mortality, but even that is mostly in "da Nile" (again with the bad metaphor!)

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