Sunday, February 22, 2009

Some Random Thoughts on a Sunday When I Should be Working or Cooking

  1. Do not fence with your spouse with the swordlike Starbucks stoppers if you have arthritis and an overly protective cockalier.

  2. Be afraid for the future of the planet we are leaving to our offspring. Methane gas may accelerate already dire timetables for disaster arising from global warming. Thomas Friedman scared me in Hot Flat and Crowded. The LA Times this morning scared me even more.,0,6678890.story

  3. I am wondering if going to Beverly Hills yesterday made me sick. I felt fine until I went shopping at Anthropologie and saw the overpriced tchatchkes and clothes. And some of the people looking at them (but not my friend who I adore)

  4. I am glad to see that heavier women over the age of 40 look younger. What a relief!

  5. Here is a list of Teaching Company courses I have liked: Shakespeare, Broadway Musicals, Economics,Great World Religions,Genetics (DVD),US and Middle East 1914 to 9/11,Fundamentals of Music,Anatomy (DVD), Great World Literature (Vol 5, 6 and 7), Great Courses Western Music.

  6. Hillary in China as predicted only touched lightly on human rights with Yang Jiechi, which NPR called her counterpart. NPR also reported that China made sure that human rights activists "stayed at home" during Clinton's visit. She responded to critics of her downplaying human rights that she wanted to focus on broader issues: the economy, North Korea and climate change. I suppose human rights won't matter if the world has major floods by 2050. (see LA Times article above)

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