Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscars The preshow

I have been watching the Oscars telecast religiously for at least the 15 years I have worked for a studio. It used to be on Monday nights and thus was a day when we could go home early. Now they have moved it to Sundays to help with the traffic (there is a section in the book Traffic about regulating traffic flow on Oscar Sunday). I suppose it also helps that half of Los Angeles is not trying to get home at the same time for the 5 p.m. telecast. And the show is in Hollywood now at the Kodak Theater rather than downtown at the Shrine.

Two observations and then I really have to go get the soup started.

First, I could not find the ballot in the LA Times this morning. Has the bankruptcy caused this time worn tradition to fall by the wayside? I just printed it off the internet from the Rolling Stones site but it is not the same as holding the newsprint version and marking it as each category gets decided.

Second, I am a little concerned about the lack of a comic opening this year. Like the ads during the Super Bowl, one of the joys of the Oscar telecast is the opening monologue. What will Hugh Jackman do? Is it an opening song and dance number? My husband is boycotting the show because there won't be a comedian (although he says he has too much work).

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