Thursday, February 5, 2009

Much Ado About 500K Somethings

According to my hubby, the 500K limit on salaries to those the government is bailing out was the talk of Starbucks this morning. (Thank you dear for fetching my morning elixir). The comments were overwhelming favorable. I think Obama made a smart move both for PR and substance.

This says it all:

"We don't begrudge anybody for achieving success. And we believe that success should be rewarded. But what gets people upset -- and rightfully so -- are executives being rewarded for failure. Especially when those rewards are subsidized by U.S. taxpayers."

Who cares about the free economy? It got messed up as soon as the bailout was passed (which I did favor given how bad the situation had gotten. Damn those Derivatives!!). So make sure no one benefits unfairly from the bailout.

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