Thursday, October 28, 2010

They're Baaaccckkk!! Or are they???

Last night I was lying in bed eating something bad for me and watching a rerun of Star Trek TNG when I looked up at the skylight and saw my kitty staring down at me!  I thought to myself, kitty should not be on the roof looking in at me.  It isn't safe--for either of us.  So I went downstairs immediately and opened the door to coax her off the roof.  "Kitty", I said and there she was on the ground coming from the opposite direction of where the skylight is on the roof.  MMMMM.  

Are they back?  Those masked thugs; those food thieves?? Or is my kitty a flying magician who came come down off the roof and appeared to be walking from her usual place under the car in the short time it took me to get downstairs?

You decide.

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