Friday, October 15, 2010

Back in Sedona

Last year when I came to Sedona, after a week or so in other parts of the southwest, I was very tired and feeling ill.  I did not think much of it at the time although I did find it amazing that I slept for three hours one day after a two hour easy hike at Arches.  Now we know that I was tired and sick for a reason--my ovarian tumor was growing exponentially at that time.

This year I am pleased to say that I feel so much better and am enjoying Sedona more than ever before.  We have been here seven times, always staying at Enchantment Resort.  Last year, I spent a lot of time in the room in a comfortable arm chair, reading, doing work and dozing.  This year, on our first day, starting at 9 a.m Paul and I went out to look at sights we have bypassed in the car on past trips many times.

First, we headed out Route 179 to Oak Creek to the Red Rock Cafe, which Trip Advisor ranked as the best restaurant in Sedona based on consumer ratings.  I have had a few good meals here in Sedona, mostly last year at Dahl and DiLuca and Fournos, and Red Rock Cafe did not come close.  However, it was a very good place for breakfast.  Paul had a "roll your own" omelet with feta cheese and chiles.  I had an egg and a slice of french toast.  Basically, it was good diner food.  I would eat there again.

On the ride back, we stopped at three different scenic turnouts.  I had forgotten my camera so I was limited to the camera in my Blackberry.   The views this morning were quite gorgeous.  See below -- and sorry that the pictures are a bit blurry.  Usually BB camera does a bit better than these.

Cathedral Rock

Bell Rock

Courthouse Butte
We then went up to Flagstaff for the afternoon.  I have written about Flagstaff in another blog entry so I will not repeat here.  Today we visited our usual haunts there--Josephine's for lunch (crab cake salad with citrus corn vinagrette), Barnes and Noble, a few stores downtown.  I bought a pair of boots and a few gifts for family members.  On the way out of town, we hit the Starbucks (where I had my "triplio"- a doppio with an add shot) and Baskin Robbins for my once a year pumpkin ice cream cone.

Tomorrow we have a Pink Jeep trip planned to Broken Arrow Trail which gives you views of Submarine Rock and Chicken Point, also along Route 179.  I tried to get into a cooking demonstration at Mii Amo in the afternoon but the resort is very full so I am on the waiting list.  Sunday we are looking at a hike to Cathedral Rock (Red Rock Crossing not the one off Back O Beyond  which is considered "strenuous") and possibly the easy hike to Chimney Rock off Thunder Mountain Rd., on the way into the resort.  I also want to go horse back riding, but figure that probably won't happen this trip. I have a lot more energy but not unlimited time.  Maybe that's why I have a lot more energy.

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