Sunday, February 14, 2010

Rolling along

I am now in day 11 of cycle 2 so my paranoia is in full swing despite this lovely southern California Valentine's Day.  I still feel the effects of the last chemo infusion on day 8, which unfortunately led to my worst night ever so far in terms of sickness.  But now I am also worried about infection since I am at the bottom of my white cell count cycle.

 Otherwise I feel pretty good.  My head still has a little fuzz which keeps falling out daily.  I am eating a bit better.  Smells seem to bother me more this cycle than the first.  Anything anyone cooks in the house becomes an instant source of nausea.  The cooked fish was the worst.  At a friend's suggestion, we have ordered an air purifier to see if it will help.

We also finally replaced our old leaky overflowing master bathroom toilet with a new, water saving ADA approved toilet acceptable to the beefy boys.  Unfortunately for me, as I discovered the other day, the toilet is too high for my stubby little legs which dangle and shake during uncomfortable moments.  We have however found a workaround--a foot rest from Relax the Back.

This cycle has not been quite the same as the first.  The main overall difference is that I seem to have had more time during the infusions when I felt okay, then to rebound to feeling much worse than I remember feeling during cycle 1.  I cannot be sure that I did not feel as bad during cycle 1 since the bad times tend to run together and diminish in intensity as time passes.  My nurse the other day remembered that I was quite sick during one of the early days of cycle 1 which mercifully did not register in my memory.

The rollercoaster ride continues.

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