Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Health Care Option(al)

I am one of the lucky ones in America.  I have incredible health insurance that has paid for my family and me at very high levels of treatment for the past 16 years.  I do not want to jinx it but I feel blessed.  It saddens me that the Senate Democrat leadership made a deal to do away with the public option. So many tens of millions will still not be insured and those who get subsidized private insurance may still pay up to 17% of their income for that insurance.

Today I went to see a specialist for my ongoing stomach problems.  He is fairly conservative about ordering tests but decided my symptoms warranted a CT scan.  I called to get an appointment and luckily can have the scan done tomorrow (keep your fingers crossed).  The person at the diagnostics center took my insurance information and said she would call back if there were a coverage problem.  I did not hear back from her so I have to believe that the test will be covered.  Indeed I believe my policy even makes special provisions for cancer screening even if I did not have the symptoms to justify the test.  Lucky me.

 Is some form of health care legislation better than nothing?  I hope so because we are not even close to pulling away from the domination of big Insurance and big Pharma.

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