Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We Will Miss You Teddy

My husband said to me this past Sunday when we were discussing health care legislation and the absence of Ted Kennedy that he thought we would hear "any day now" that Kennedy has passed. He said that Kennedy must be at the end because he did not attend his sister's funeral. My husband's father died of cancer so I suspect he is particularly attuned to a cancer victim's last days. So we were sad but not surprised to hear the news that Teddy Kennedy died last night.

Kennedy proved to be a major force in our government as a US Senator for the past 36 years. Unfortunately like other Kennedys he is remembered for his peccadillos as much as the great service he has given to our country. I hope history will focus on his contributions rather than events like Chappaquiddick.

We will miss his influence particularly as Obama struggles to get past the evil forces of the insurance industry and pass legislation providing health care for everyone. Hopefully all the accolades in Kennedy's passing will not be forgotten when Congress gets back to work this fall on health care.

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