Thursday, April 23, 2009

Traveling with my Devices

Since there is a sigalert on my route to work this morning, I figured I would stay home for an extra half hour to see if I could avoid the jam. So I get a few minutes to reflect on my packing this morning for a 6 day trip. I do not travel a lot but I do travel some so I have certain items prepacked for travel such as toiletries and makeup. The rest used to be just figuring out clothes for the climate and activities. Now the big issue has become electronic devices and the chargers for them. I counted 7 chargers this morning that I thought I needed. One for my Kindle, one for my Blackberry, one for my cellphone, one for my handsfree earpiece for the cellphone (which I hate but keep because of CA law), one for my ipods, one for my MacBook and one for my camera. Whew. So many devices to charge up. And most of them need charging fairly regularly. No matter what the manufacturer says the battery life is I can count on about 1-2 hours of use tops. What a perfect way to celebrate Earth Week--plugging in all my electronic devices!

I probably should consolidate. I am actually thinking about getting an iPhone so I can carry my cell and iPod as one device. But my work still gives me a Blackberry so I would need that. I thought about using the phone on the BB but it is cumbersome (Studio issue BBs are not the sleek, small hand ones but the large Manly ones). And on the weekends I like to put away the BB and only carry my cellphone which does not have internet access. My cellphone is the perfect size--very light, small and sleek--so I am reluctant to replace it with an iPhone. But I could also read from my Kindle on the iPhone which would cut down on another device. If I used the iPhone for all these activities I would be charging it every 10 minutes!

Go Green!

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