Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 3.0

My son and grandson are visiting for a while and staying with us.  I love having them here even with the  chaos that inevitably comes from adding more people, including an active child, to the household.  My 6 year old grandson joined me last night to watch an episode of Star Trek TNG which I forced my children to watch when they were growing up during the initial broadcasts.  And my grandson dressed up as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle for Halloween just like his Dad did over 20 years ago.  Ironically I have the old costume from my son's childhood but it got put into deep storage so my grandson got his choice of a new costume.

This year on Halloween I did not participate in handing out candy or going trick or treating with the grand-boy.  Instead I stayed in my room reading and playing on the computer while others took over these Halloween tasks that I have done for so many years.  My son carved a pumpkin which I saw in the kitchen before I went to "hide" in the bedroom.  It looked fantastic and much better than anything I ever did when he was a child.  I could not find our regular tea candles so, after grousing a while, I gave him a more expensive aromatherapy candle to put in the pumpkin to go outside.  A few minutes later I saw the results of his artistry as the candle lit through the etchings on the pumpkin.  However, I did not see it in person.  Instead I saw a picture of it on Facebook.  In addition to clicking "like" I yelled down to my son that the pumpkin looked great!   Are we a modern family or what?

Paradise Pumpkin 10/31/11

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