Tuesday, June 21, 2011

One More For the Road About Santa Fe

In pulling together the photos for yesterday's post, I came across a few more gems about Santa Fe that I want to share.  As I mentioned in the first post of this series about Santa Fe we loved our stay at Hacienda Nicholas.  Part of the Hacienda Nicholas family of properties is the spa Absolute Nirvana.  I had two very wonderful massages there in a cottage room on the Madeleine Inn property.  We had originally scheduled the two massages (one for each of us) for the night of our arrival but our travel was delayed so we missed the appointments.  Given that there were basketball games on TV the other evenings and we wanted to go sightseeing during the day, my husband donated his massage to me so that I could have them two nights in a row.  Both massages were expert and enjoyable, not really fully Thai massage but  somewhat different from the Swedish massage I typically get. Here is a picture of the room where I had both massages--tastefully Thai, I believe.
Absolute Nirvana

On Monday, rain was forecast so I scheduled two massages at 10,000 Waves, in the hills just outside of Santa Fe proper.  We had gone to 10,000 Waves our last visit to Santa Fe and decided it was worth a return visit to the Japanese style spa, which their website says "feels like a Japanese onsen" . I did not do a bath this time but was taken to a private room among the trees on the side of the hill where it felt as if I were having the massage outside.  My masseuse was a bit chatty and very knowledgeable about alternative health therapies  but the massage was not the best one I have had recently.  My husband, on the other hand, raved that his massage was one of the best, if not the best one he had ever had.
10000 Waves

It did not rain, of course, on Monday so before we headed out to 10,000 Waves in the afternoon, we did an extensive shopping stop at Jackalope.  Jackalope is a bit like Cost Plus/World Market  meets outdoor bazaar.  There is one in Los Angeles but I have only been to the one in Santa Fe which has all these wonderful Mexican and New Mexican items.  I bought a few pieces of talavera style items, two of which broke on the trip home. (Fortunately, other talavera items bought there and elsewhere survived the trip.  Memo to self, do not give badly wrapped breakable items to husband to carry).  Every time I go to Jackalope, I wish I had a car or truck so that I could take home bigger items that I find there, like benches for the yard and furniture.  I suppose I should go to the one in LA but I am afraid it will spoil the Santa Fe experience of this funky store.

Jackalope- the proprietor
Where's my truck? At Jackalope

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