Friday, September 24, 2010

Not My Cup of Tea

As the Tea Party makes inroads in American politics, and underscores the intrinsic prejudices we have here as reflected in the rise of recent anti-Muslim sentiment, our friends in Europe are experiencing a similar turn "to the right, to the right".  While I was in Amsterdam this past weekend, I was fortunate to dine with two local power couples and discuss the growth of the right in Europe.  In the Netherlands, Geert  Wilders and the Freedom Party are capitalizing on and promoting anti-Muslim sentiment as they work with other more moderate political parties to form a minority government. I must confess that when I see pictures of Wilders, I am reminded of an adult version of the  Draco Malfoy character in Harry Potter films.  Look at these pictures and tell me if you agree.
Anti- Muslim
Anti Muggle

In Sweden this past Sunday, an anti-immigration party,the Sweden Democrats, won its first seats (20) in Parliament.  The immigrant population of Sweden is about 12%, with a visible proportion Muslim.  If you read comments posted  about the gains of Sweden Democrats, you get an unmistakable understanding that their supporters blame everything on the Muslims.

Anti-Muslim sentiment is rising in Germany  and in France the government is repatriating Roma (gypsies).  There is no question that as in this country the far right is rearing its head and pushing its ultimately fascist agenda.  Not a great time to be a muggle.

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