Monday, October 26, 2009

Did I Get it Wrong?

Last night while I was watching the end of the Angels-Yankees series, desperately rooting for a decent play by the California team, I saw what I thought was my "favorite" Cialis commercial.  A somewhat good looking old guy was talking to himself in the window about his erectile dysfunction problem.  I was in the room with a number of people and therefore was only paying partial attention to the commercial.  Something seemed off though.  The guy was older and suddenly there was dialogue I did not remember.  The coup de grace was the end where the Viagra logo came up.

What?   Viagra has a commercial with a guy talking to himself in the window?  (An issue, I might add, that may also require medical attention.)  I thought it was the Cialis commercial that did that!  Did I get it wrong about the brand those many times I saw the commercial earlier in the playoff series?  Or did one of those drug companies rip off the other's idea for the commercial?

HMMM.  If the two drugs are indistinguishable and the commercials are the same, how will I know what to buy?  

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