Wednesday, July 8, 2009

MMH to GYN (What? Those aren't airports? TMI?)

You may remember that my family doctor essentially views me as Paul's wife. I think of him since today is both my and Paul's birthday. We are collectively 114.

My assistant however has a bizarre sense of humor and scheduled my gynecology appointment for lunch today. So instead of eating a birthday spread, I experienced a different type of spread. So far it appears that I am fine but there are those pesky tests that need to be checked so I will have to wait for a few weeks to find out if I am truly ok. But I got my passport to the mammogram lady which I am being better about doing these days as cancer seems to be hitting more and more of my friends and family.

Several other good things have happened today. First, one of my colleagues has organized a cake for me at the office. We had been told by our boss a few years ago that we were having too many birthday parties so we had to group them together by month, somewhat like the Office episode where, for efficiency reasons, Jim tries to have everyone's birthday party at once. And like the Office episode, everyone hated having the group birthday celebration. It is bad enough I have to share my birthday with my husband at home, but to have to share it with the 3 other people in the office with July birthdays is simply unacceptable! So I will have my own party, my own cake and my own recognition for 10 minutes today.

Second, one of the work issues that I thought would take up my day has gone away since it appears we are moving toward working out the dispute rather than filing a lawsuit. I am happy today but worry that the case will resurrect itself on Friday when I am leaving for a week long vacation trip.

Third, three conference calls I had scheduled for today all have been cancelled. Everyone seems to be working out their problems and do not feel the need to talk ad nauseum. Happy day. It is a real present not to have to be on these calls for one day.

Tonight, the eight of us are going to a fondue restaurant where I intend to drink a very large and potent Cosmopolitan. Here's to another year. Happy birthday, Paul!

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