Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Santa Fe Apart From the Food Part 1

The short answer to whether we did anything else in Santa Fe other than eat is "occasionally".  As you may see in the last post, we spent a lot of time eating wonderful meals--a nice change from our usual fare of home cooked food and takeout from Whole Foods  and CPK.  However, we did do a few other things on our trip besides eat.  

The first day we went to Ten Thousand Waves where I indulged in a three hour "Buddha's Treat" which included a premium bath in the place shown in the picture above, an herbal wrap, massage and a salt scrub.  It turned out that Paul and I had the same masseuse named Eagle.  He did not want to do the bath for some bizarre reason and had his massage while I was in the bath (which included a sauna and a pool shaped hot tub as well as private showers and a cooling off room).  So Eagle worked on him and did my two hour treatment.  She recommended some of the restaurants we wound up loving and gave us both excellent massages.  She also suggested, when I asked for a place to get tablecloths, a set of stores called Jackalope which turned out to be quite a find.  Junk for your home and garden at very reasonable prices.  
Wish we had brought our own car so we could have taken home some of the larger items of interest, like the piggy grill (a large ceramic pig with a charcoal grill in it) or the huge buddha head (shown here)!

To be continued-- more later on our day trip to Chimayo and Taos, our visit to the Georgia O'Keeffe museum and the arts faire on the Santa Fe Plaza.

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